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2A900 Casting machine
  • 2A900 Casting machine

  • product description
  • Product Description:
           DL-LYJ-A900 casting machine is specially mixed slurry flows from the chute to the base band above the membrane forming framed by relative movement of the blade baseband (PET), the thickness of the film by a doctor blade blank control.
            The blank film along with baseband together into a drying room, forming a green sheet with a certain strength and flexibility of the dried green sheet together with the baseband reel stand together. With high precision, speed, performance and stability, environmental protection, energy-saving features. $ Queensland side to reach the effective width 1000mm, high precision, capable of producing large-area (wide) green touch material. Wide range of uses, can be used in electronic ceramics, purification membranes belt.
    1.7-inch color touch screen, friendly man-machine interface;
    2. The precision servo motor control casting speeds up 0.02-1.5m/min;
    3. Japanese island of electric heating PID regulation and control electronics, precision up to plus or minus 0.1 degree;
    4. The intake using high-density filter to achieve clean space;
    5. The mirror-polished precision roller blade; a 360 degree flip, easy to clean;
    6. The transparent glass window for easy viewing status quo inside the cast;
    7. High-precision micrometer, an accuracy of 0.001 mm;
    8. ventilation circulatory system, adjustable air flow;
    9. The air intake heating system circulation;
    10. The tension control with magnetic brake.
    The main technical parameters:
     Base  PET Membrane(delta=0.05-0.4mm )
     Effective width  900mm
     Casting speed  0.02-1.5m/min
     Total installed power  8.5KW
     Casting thickness (WET)  25 ~ 1500  um
     Electronic temperature control  Room temperature-100 degree adjustable ( plus or minus 0.1 degree)
     Pumping rate  450m3/h
     Bake heated length  2000mm
     Equipment Dimensions  2700x1130x1000mm
     Scraper accuracy  0.001mm
     Solvent  Aqueous, solution uv
     Solids content solution  45-55 percent (Wet flow delay amount 50g plus or minus 2g/m2)
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