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L Series Thermostatic Press
  • L Series Thermostatic Press

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  • 2.5. Excellent design makes it very convenient to replace the sealing ring 2.6 AC servo hydraulic control, ultra-quiet operation, zero output when not working, stable, energy-saving 2.7. The feeding entrance adopts high sensitive grating fence to ensure safe use 2.8. Where there are materials in contact with water, the workpieces are all made of 304 stainless steel 2. Technical parameters 3.1. Equipment size: 1400*900*2150 3.2, the highest working pressure: 40MPa 3.3. Pressure fluctuation range: ??0.2Map 3.4. Operating temperature: up to 80?? (less than 80?? adjustable) 3.5. Temperature control accuracy: ??2?? 3.6 Warm-up time: 0-3000s can be set freely 3.7. Holding pressure time: 0??3000S adjustable in three stages 3.8. High pressure cavity size: ??300*490mm 3.9. Production cycle: 5-30min/time (depending on the product holding time) 3.10, equipment power: 8.5Kw 3.11, 10-inch color LCD touch screen, electrical control system is Siemens PLC programmable control 3.12 After the loading is started, it can automatically complete the whole process of preheating, prepressing, boosting, pressure maintaining and depressurization.
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